Vase Miskina Crnog 2
21000 Novi Sad


ICM Electronics and Kliklok international organized a seminar dedicated to primary and secondary packing at ICM’s factory. The main speaker at the seminar was Paul Field from Kliklok International. Paul Field demonstrated newest solutions from Kliklok International. Newest solutions from Kliklok include machines for carton erecting, carton closing as well as endload machines. Engineers from ICM demonstrated their newest solutions in robot packing and palletizing.

The seminar was divided into 3 sessions. First session was purely theoretical and marketing oriented where companies introduced themselves. Second session was more practical and visitors could see how machines are working in real time and environemts. Third session was a workshop where visitors exchanged experiences.

Around fifteen visitors showed up for the seminar and most of them came from confecionary and meat industries. ICM and Kliklok have a partnership agreement to act together at the market and  to offer completly automatic packaging line.